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The Repair Process

During Repairs


Once the vehicle is dropped off for repairs we will disassemble it. At this time, we will determine if there is any hidden or additional damage found on the vehicle. This will be communicated with the Insurance company and the owner.

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Follow Up:

Our shop BluePrinter will follow up with the vehicle owner and provide a projected date for delivery when the repairs will be completed. This will occur after disassembly has been completed and we have a completed repair plan.  If insurance approval is needed you will be informed and contacted again after everything is settled.



Repairs will begin on the vehicle once we get approval from the insurance company and all the necessary parts have arrived.



Once all of the repairs are completed, the vehicle moves into the Paint Dept. where it is prepped and the new or repaired panels are refinished.  The newly refinished panels will then be polished and it will be ready for the reassembly team.



The vehicle will be reassembled once all new parts are received and any necessary painting has been completed.

Finished Repairs

Final Delivery:

After the vehicle has been reassembled it goes through a final check where we review the repairs. Once the paperwork has been finalized with the Insurance Company and the final check has been completed we will contact the owner to let them know their vehicle is ready for pick up.

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