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Understanding an Estimate

Most Common Abbreviations on an Estimate:

R/I- Remove and Install- this is when an undamaged part is taken off the vehicle in order to either complete the repair or due the refinish of a panel. The original part is then put back on the vehicle.

R/R- Remove and replace- this is a damaged part or assembly that needs to be taken off the vehicle and replaced with a new part.

RPR- Repair- Refers to a panel or part on the vehicle that will be repaired.

REFN- Refinish- A part or an assembly that will be painted

RT-Right- referring to what side the part is on

LT-Left- referring to what side the part is on

O/H- Overhaul- Remove an assembly, disassemble, clean and visually inspect it, replace needed parts, reassemble and reinstall on the vehicle making any necessary adjustments.

BLND- Blend-The process of mixing toners to match the existing paint finish, then blending or overlapping the color into the adjacent panel to avoid color match problems.

OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer- A new replacement part that is made by the vehicle manufacturer. Example if you have a Ford then the parts will be purchased from a Ford parts supplier.

A/M- Aftermarket- A replacement part that that is not made by the original equipment manufacturer.

LKQ-Like Kind Quality-Refers to a part salvaged from another vehicle of the same year or newer. These parts differ from A/M and QRP parts, LKQ parts should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and only used when they are of equivalent quality to the OEM parts they are replacing.

B%- Betterment- This is a tool the insurance company uses when a “wear and tear” part is damaged. The Insurance Company will pay a percentage of the cost of the replacement part based on the depreciation prior to the accident.

DED- Deductible -a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim.

DRP- Acronym for Direct Repair Program. These programs often involve a contractual agreement between an auto body shop and an insurance company. For the most part, the agreements set the rules of repair and standardized procedures such as warranties, billing practices and record keeping.

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